Air India Express Flight Hits Electric Pole While Landing At Vijayawada Airport; All Passengers Safe


An Air India Express flight from Qatar’s Doha accidentally hit an electric pole adjacent to the runway while landing at Vijayawada airport in Andhra Pradesh on Saturday.

“All 64 passengers on board the flight and the crew are safe,” said airport director G Madhusudan Rao after the incident.

The flight was headed to Tiruchirapally (Trichy) in Tamil Nadu via Vijayawada. Of the 64 passengers in the flight, 19 passengers were to alight at Vijayawada, while the remaining 45 passengers were bound for Trichy.

“When the flight was about to land, its wing hit a light pole. The light pole broke and fell down. The flight wing is slightly damaged. This incident happened at 16.54 IST,” news agency ANI quoted Rao as saying. “The airline authorities have ordered an investigation,” he added.

According to the report by ANI, Ramareddy, one of the passengers who boarded the flight at Doha, said, “There was a small jerk and we passengers felt nothing except that jerk. The pilot was alert. Nothing happened to anybody.”

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