Air India Cancelled Flights Between India And USA Amid Travel Restriction


Indian national carrier Air India on Tuesday announced the cancellation of its flights between India and the USA due to travel restrictions imposed by the US Govt.

Last week the US Govt has put restrictions on most of the travel from India starting from Tuesday, 04th May 2021.

As per some social media updates by the airline, it has canceled many flights between India and Newark, Washington DC, Chicago, and San Francisco. Below are the details of flights canceled by Air India.

1. Mumbai- Newark – Mumbai

  • 07th May till 21st May 21 (Wed & Friday)
  • 26th May till 02nd Jun 21 (Wed & Friday)
  • 30th May 21 (Sunday)

2. Delhi – Washington DC- Delhi

  • 7th May – 9th May till 30th May 21(Sun)
  • Washington DC – Delhi 12th May till 2nd Jun 21(Wed)
  • Delhi – Washington DC 14th May till 4th Jun 21(Fri)

3. Delhi – Chicago – Delhi

  • 07th May till 31st May 21 (Mon & Friday)

4. India – San Francisco – India

  • Delhi – San Francisco – Delhi (Thu) 6th May till 03rd Jun’21.
  • Delhi – San Francisco- Bengaluru (Tue) 11th May till 1st Jun’21.
  • Bengaluru – San Francisco- Delhi (Thu) 13th May till 3rd Jun’21.

5. Delhi – Newark – Delhi

  • 09th may till 30th May’21 (Friday & Sunday)
  • 10th may till 31st May’21 (Monday)

It must be noted that the ban on travel from India wouldn’t apply to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or their spouses.


Other individuals that might qualify for exemptions include humanitarian workers, certain journalists and academics, and students commencing studies in the fall, according to a determination by the State Department for travelers deemed to be in U.S. national interests.

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