Air India Announced Waiver For Flights Between India And Germany


In view of strict entry restrictions imposed by Germany effective 26th April 2021, Air India has been decided to allow waiver as detailed below for passengers holding confirmed tickets on the India-Germany-India route.

The waiver will be valid for all 098 documents having confirmed status for India-Germany with the date of travel post 26th April 2021 till the time the restrictions are relaxed.

“In view of entry restrictions imposed by Germany effective 26th April 2021, we have announced various waivers facilitating passengers.”

Air India Waiver For Germany Flights

  • One free date change for any future date till 29th October 2021. Except for the Black-out period as mentioned below:
    • Ex-India: 10th August- 10th September 2021
    • Ex-Germany: 10th July- 10th August 2021
  • No show waiver only for select passengers who reported for the flight on 26th Apr but could not be accepted due to revision of entry requirements.
  • Rerouting via other EU gateway points. – Only rerouting charges will be waived, a difference of fare will be applicable. Rerouting subject to passengers fulfilling border requirements.
  • Cancellation penalty waiver for passengers unable to travel due to the above rule.
  • Free change can be availed only once, in case of subsequent changes, rules as per the original booking will apply.

It must be noted that Germany has banned all travelers arriving from India, only German citizens will be allowed to enter the country. However, Lufthansa and Air India who operate flights between two countries say they are not suspending flights between India and Germany.

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