Air India Announced Waiver For Covid-19 Positive Passengers


Air India, the flag carrier of India on Friday announced a waiver for those who were diagnosed with COVID-19 and want to change their travel plan.

“In case of a passenger falling sick and is diagnosed as COVID-19 positive necessitating a change in the confirmed travel plan, the passenger will be allowed to avail one free date change for his/her confirmed ticket.” Air India said on its website.

Air India Waiver For Covid-19 Positive Passengers

  • Applicability: For all 098 documents across the Air India network.
  • Passenger Type: Valid for all passengers.
    • Passengers are required to produce a COVID-19 positive certificate not older than D-15 days from the date of scheduled flight departure.
    • The waiver would be extended to Immediate Family Member or Passenger, who also needs to complete mandatory government formalities such as Quarantine, in case of passenger or family member tested COVID-19 positive.
    • Immediate family shall be limited to spouse/children including adopted children/ parents/brothers/ sisters/grandparents/grandchildren/father in-law/mother in-law/ sister in-law/ brother in-law/ son in-law/ and daughter in-law.
  • Travel Date: Confirmed New Travel date should be in the next 30 days. To avoid a no-show, the booking needs to be canceled on time as per fare rules.
  • Waiver Benefit: One Free Date change. No charges for the same RBD available even if the fare is higher, however, a difference of fare will be charged in case of higher RBD.
    • Free No-Show will be applicable only in case of Covid-19 Test conducted within 72hrs of departure and Covid-19 positive report received within the ambit of “No-Show definition” of respective sector fare rules.
  • Cancellation/Refund: In case of refund, applicable cancellation charges will apply.
  • Documentation: Covid-19 positive certificate from an authorized diagnostic center is a MUST.

In case, the waiver is sought for a passenger or family member in case of a family member or passenger respectively tested positive, proper documentation asserting the relationship and Covid-19 positive certificate is a must.

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