Air India Announced New Waiver Policy For International Ticket Extension


Flag-carrier Air India on Thursday announced a new waiver policy for International ticket extension. As per the new policy, the airline is allowing passengers to change the travel date till 31st December 2021.

“The booking must be done before 31st December 2021 and journey must be completed latest by 31st December 2021.”

Here is all the details circulated by Air India for travel partners/travel agents;



Passengers holding Air India Documents (098) and have/had their flights cancelled or are/were not allowed to travel on the flight, owing to changed visa restrictions due to COVID-19 from 15th  March 2020 onwards till 30th November 2020

Further, for passengers who are OCI Cardholders/Foreign nationals and holding bookings to travel to India from a foreign station, the waiver will be applicable from 13th Mar 2020, in view of the suspension of entry for OCI card holders /Foreign nationals by the Bureau of Immigration, India from 12th March 20.

Passenger type: Individual/ Group Travellers.

New Travel Validity: All tickets irrespective of their date of purchase to be considered valid till 31 December 2021 irrespective of their current validity and ticket type i.e. The Value of the ticket will be fully protected.


The booking must be done before 31st December 2021 and the journey must be completed latest by 31st December 2021.

New Refund Validity: The new refund validity for all such tickets will be 3 months (i.e. till 31 March 2022) from the new travel validity as mentioned above.

Waiver: Change: One FREE Change (Date/Flight/Routing/Booking Code) will be allowed.

Applicable conditions w.r.t Change

  1. Date/Flight/Booking Code Change:
    1. No Down selling of fare and RBD allowed
    1. In case of the same RBD available but the fare is higher, the fare difference will be waived.
    1. Applicable fare difference to be charged in case of fare in other RBD (other than lower or same RBD) is higher.
  2. Routing Change
    1. Passenger desiring a change in the routing of the ticket may be allowed to adjust the value of the existing ticket against the new fare.  The ticket will have to be reissued along with the difference of fare, if applicable. No reissuance charges to be levied. For partly utilized tickets (RT tickets), residual value may be calculated taking ½ RT fare.
    2. However, no differential fare refund will be permitted in case the new ticket fare is lower than the existing ticket fare.

Waiver of cancellation charges: Cancellation charges will stand waived for flights cancelled during the above period.

This waiver supersedes all earlier waivers issued related to COVID-19 for International Tickets.

Waiver Code to be used : Waiver30/INT/2020 (Extension)

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