Air India Announced Flights For Saudi Arabia From November 1


Indian National Carrier, Air India has announced flights between Saudi Arabia and India from 1st November 2020 under the Vande Bharat Mission Phase 7.

Saudi Arabia’s General Administration of Civil Aviation (GACA) on 23rd September has suspended flights to and from India and three other countries due to the rising number of Covid-19 positive cases.

Later the GACA has allowed outbound flights from Saudi Arabia to India under the Vande Bharat Mission.

Last week, Saudia has also announced the flight schedule and said that it’ll resume flight operation to 33 international destinations, including India in November.


However, as of now, there is no official update on the resumption of flights between India and Saudi Arabia but the flight schedule published by Saudia and Air India clearly indicated that flight operation between the two countries is going to resume from 1st November.

Here is the schedule of Air India Flights between India and Saudi Arabia under Vande Bharat Mission Phase 7;

Air India Flights From India to Saudi Arabia

Flight No.Start DateEnd DateFreq.DepartureDep. TimeArrivalArr. Time
AI  199101-11-2030-12-20Wed SunDelhi13:00Jeddah15:40
AI  199301-11-2026-12-20SatMumbai13:25Jeddah15:40
AI  191503-11-2029-12-20TueMumbai13:25Jeddah15:40
AI  191704-11-2030-12-20WedMumbai10:25Dammam11:40
AI  191701-11-2027-12-20SunMumbai10:25Dammam11:40
AI  191302-11-2028-12-20MonDelhi09:55Dammam11:40
AI  192103-11-2029-12-20TueDelhi06:25RIYADH08:10
AI  192304-11-2030-12-20WedMumbai06:30Riyadh08:10
AI  192501-11-2027-12-20SunDELHI06:20Riyadh08:10
Vande Bharat Mission Phase 7: India to Saudi Arabia

Air India Flights From Saudi Arabi to India

Flight No.Start DateEnd DateFreqDepartureDep. TimeArrivalArr. Time
AI 199201-11-2030-12-20Wed SunJeddah16:40Delhi00:10
AI 199202-11-2031-12-20Mon ThuDelhi01:10Lucknow02:00
AI 199401-11-2026-12-20SatJeddah16:40Hyderabad01:20
AI 199401-11-2027-12-20SunHyderabad02:30Mumbai04:10
AI 191603-11-2029-12-20TueJeddah16:40Mumbai23:55
AI 191604-11-2030-12-20WedMumbai00:45Kozhikode02:40
AI 191804-11-2030-12-20WedDammam12:40Trivandrum19:30
AI 191804-11-2030-12-20WedTrivandrum20:05Mumbai22:00
AI 191801-11-2027-12-20SunDammam12:40Kochi19:30
AI 191801-11-2027-12-20SunKochi20:05Mumbai22:00
AI 191402-11-2028-12-20MonDammam12:40Lucknow19:30
AI 191402-11-2028-12-20MonLucknow20:10Delhi21:00
AI 192203-11-2029-12-20TueRiyadh09:10Lucknow16:20
AI 192203-11-2029-12-20TueLucknow16:55Delhi17:45
AI 192404-11-2030-12-20WedRiyadh09:10Trivandrum16:30
AI 192404-11-2030-12-20WedTrivandrum17:00Mumbai18:50
AI 192601-11-2027-12-20SunRiyadh09:10Amritsar15:40
AI 192601-11-2027-12-20SunAmritsar16:20Delhi17:10
Vande Bharat Mission Phase 7: Saudi Arabia to India

Air India has not yet posted any update booking start date process. We suggest you to keep checking the airline’s official website or social media account for booking details.

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