Air India Announced Flight Schedule For New Routes to London: Deets Inside


With the growing demand for travel between major Indian cities and London, United Kingdom, many international carriers have taken steps to increase their frequency on these routes. British Airways and Air Canada are among the carriers that have already increased their frequency of flights from India to London.

In response to this growing demand, Air India, an Indian full-service carrier owned by Tata Group, has also announced plans to increase the frequency of existing flights and launch new routes for travel between India and the UK.

Air India Launches Additional Flights to London

Air India, a member of the Star Alliance, has launched twelve new weekly flights to London Gatwick Airport and five more services to London Heathrow Airport.

As the only scheduled airline to provide direct flights to the second-largest airport in the UK, Air India will be running a thrice-weekly service to Gatwick from cities including Amritsar, Ahmedabad, Goa, and Kochi.


Air India London Gatwick Flight Schedule

Air India will add five more weekly flights to Heathrow Airport, increasing its frequency. Flights from Delhi will increase from 14 to 17 times per week, while flights from Mumbai will raise from 12 to 14 times a week.

Flight No.DepartureDep. TimeArrivalArr. TimeDays of Ops
AI 0171Ahmedabad13:10London Gatwick18:00Tue, Thu, Sat
AI 0172London Gatwick20:00Ahmedabad08:50 (+1)Wed, Fri, Sun
AI 0145Goa12:20London Gatwick18:00Wed, Fri, Sun
AI 0146London Gatwick20:00Goa10:05 (+1)Tue, Thu, Sat
AI 0169Amritsar13:30London Gatwick18:00Mon, Thu, Sat
AI 0170London Gatwick20:00Amritsar08:50 (+1)Wed, Fri, Sun
AI 0149Kochi11:55London Gatwick18:15Wed, Fri, Sun
AI 0150London Gatwick20:00Kochi10:25 (+1)Mon, Thu, Sat

Air India London Heathrow Flight Schedule

Flight No.DepartureDep. TimeArrivalArr. TimeDays of Ops
AI 0161Delhi02:35London Heathrow07:30Daily
AI 0162London Heathrow09:45Delhi22:55Daily
AI 0111Delhi06:35London Heathrow11:30Daily
AI 0112London Heathrow13:15Delhi02:25 (+1)Daily
AI 0165Delhi15:05London Heathrow20:00Tue, Thu
AI 0165Delhi14:05London Heathrow19:00Sat
AI 0166London Heathrow21:45Delhi10:55 (+1)Tue, Thu, Sat
AI 0131Mumbai14:00London Heathrow19:00Daily
AI 0130London Heathrow21:30Mumbai10:55 (1+)Daily
AI 0129Mumbai05:15London Heathrow10:15Daily Ex-Thu
AI 0128London Heathrow12:30Mumbai01:55 (+1)Daily Ex-Thu
AI 0129Mumbai07:05London Heathrow12:05Thu
AI 0128London Heathrow14:00Mumbai03:25 (+1)Thu

London Gatwick Airport, similar to Heathrow, provides easy access to the UK’s highway system, making it a convenient option for travellers looking to travel to London and South-East England by vehicle or bus. In addition, travellers can take advantage of the direct rail service from the South Terminal to Central London, which operates 24 hours a day and takes less than 30 minutes.

This direct access to the UK’s highway system and efficient rail service makes Gatwick Airport a convenient option for travellers looking to explore London and the surrounding areas.

This is part of the airline’s ongoing effort to increase its market share on international routes by putting itself on the global aviation map. The continuous improvement of operations is one of Vihaan’s main pillars.


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