Air India and AIX Connect Enter into Codeshare Agreement

Air India and AIX Connect have joined forces through a groundbreaking codeshare agreement, promising travelers an unparalleled journey experience. This partnership enhances connectivity with over 100 daily flights across 21 routes. Explore seamless boarding, baggage handling, and even complimentary meals, while expanding your horizons with Air India.

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing connectivity and convenience for travellers, Air India has entered into a codeshare agreement with AIX Connect (formerly known as Air Asia India), effective September 27, 2023.

Under the agreement, Air India will add its ‘AI’ designator code to over 100 flights a day operated by AIX Connect on 21 routes, expanding Air India’s domestic route network to include 4 new destinations: Bagdogra, Bhubaneswar, Ranchi, and Surat.

The partnership is set to evolve, with additional routes gradually being incorporated into the codeshare arrangement.

Air India and AIX Connect Codeshare Agreement

Customers will benefit from several benefits under the codeshare agreement, including:

  • Seamless connectivity between Air India and AIX Connect networks, with passengers receiving a single boarding pass and baggage check-in to their final destination.
  • Complimentary meals on board AIX Connect flights for Air India guests connecting from international to domestic flights.
  • Access to Air India’s global distribution network for AIX Connect, via the airline’s direct channels as well as its global travel agency network.

Customs and Baggage Guidelines

For travellers transitioning from international to domestic flights, it’s important to note that they will be required to clear customs at their first point of entry in India, aligning with government regulations.

Enhanced Benefits for Passengers

Passengers flying with AIX Connect under this codeshare arrangement will benefit from Air India’s specified baggage allowance and can look forward to complimentary meals during their flights, enhancing the overall travel experience.

Expanded Domestic Network

With the implementation of this codeshare agreement, Air India extended its domestic network to include four new Indian destinations: Bagdogra, Bhubaneswar, Ranchi, and Surat.

These additional options, in addition to the existing shared destinations, offer passengers from these cities convenient access to Air India’s extensive international network via major hubs in Delhi and Mumbai.


Global Distribution Network

This partnership not only benefits travellers but also allows AIX Connect to leverage Air India’s robust global distribution network, tapping into the airline’s direct channels and global travel agency network.

Towards Integration

It’s worth noting that AIX Connect is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air India. This collaboration marks the beginning of a transformative phase, as AIX Connect is in the process of integration with Air India Express, another 100% subsidiary of Air India. The ultimate goal is to create a single, efficient, and low-cost carrier within the Tata Group’s airline business.

In summary, Air India’s new codeshare agreement with AIX Connect brings increased accessibility, convenience, and benefits for travellers, while also fostering growth and integration within the Tata group’s aviation portfolio.

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