Air India allow name change on flight tickets cancelled during lockdown


National carrier Air India now allows its passengers to change the name on the flight tickets cancelled between March 15 and August 24 due to the nationwide lockdown.

After this, tickets cancelled during the lockdown period are now transferable and Air India has become the first airline in the country to allow this.

“Further to waiver no 29/DOM/2020 dated 17th June 2020, to provide higher flexibility to passengers with travel plans affected due to COVID pandemic, it has now been decided to broaden the scope of the current waiver by allowing name change option,” the airline said in a notification on July 16.

The booking must be done on/before 31st December 2021 and journey to be completed latest by 31st December 2021, the airline added.


Air India already allowed it’s passengers to change the routes too.

“The value of the existing ticket will be locked and passengers will be allowed to get the ticket reissued for a new passenger nominated by him/her, allowing him freedom from the limitation of self-travel only for a future date,” the airline said.

The nationwide lockdown in March due to COVID-19 and suspension of domestic flights had seen airlines retaining ticket fares of cancelled flights in a credit shell.

Customers could use the credit shell to rebook, but only on the same route. And only they could travel on the rebooked tickets. This led to a lot of protests from customers.


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