Air India Allow Free Date Change For Passengers Diagnosed With COVID-19


Indian national carrier, Air India on Saturday (19th September) in a circular, said that it will allow one free date change if any passenger diagnosed as COVID-19 positive.

To avail free date change passengers are required to show a COVID-19 positive certificate not older than 72 hrs. from the date of scheduled flight departure.

“It has been decided that in case of passenger falling sick and is diagnosed as COVID-19 positive necessitating a change in confirmed travel plan, passenger may be allowed to avail one free date change for his/her confirmed ticket, said Air India in the circular.

  • Applicability: For all 098 documents across the AI network.
  • Passenger Type: Valid for all passengers.
  • Travel Date: Confirmed New Travel date should be in the next 30 days.

To avoid no-show penalties, the booking needs to be cancelled on time as per fare rules, Air India advised.


Here are the benefits of Air India date change waiver:

  1. One Free Date change.
  2. No down-selling is allowed.
  3. No charges for same RBD available even if fare is higher, however, difference of fare to be charged in case of higher RBD.

Last week, low-cost carrier Air India Express had also allowed a free date change to UAE passengers who cannot travel due to non-receipt of API approval.

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