Air India to operate 19 flights between India & London; check booking details


National Carrier Air India will operate 19 evacuation flights between India and London under the Vande Bharat Mission Phase 4 from 3rd to 15th July 2020.

The London sector is in high demand and stranded peoples are aggressively waiting for opening the bookings on this route.

As per the latest update share by Air India on its twitter handle the bookings for these flights will start from 30th June 1730 hrs IST/ 1200hrs GMT.

Bookings for these repatriation flights can be done on the Air India website and Mobile App.

If you want to book flights from London to India we recommend you use the Air India website only as there are some technical glitch on the Air India mobile app and you can only make payments in INR only.

Here is the full schedule of Air India Flights between India and London;

Air India Flights From London
DateFlightFromDep. TimeToArr. Time
04-Jul-20Al 0128LONDON20:45MUMBAI10:05
05-Jul-20Al 0128MUMBAI11:30BENGALURU13:30
04-Jul-20Al 0112LONDON21:30DELHI10:50
05-Jul-20Al 0112DELHI12:20HYDERABAD14:20
05-Jul-20Al 0128LONDON20:45MUMBAI10:05
06-Jul-20Al 0128MUMBAI11:30CHENNAI13:30
5.-Jul-20Al 0112LONDON21:30DELHI10:50
06-Jul-20Al 0112DELHI12:20VIJAYAWADA14:20
06-Jul-20Al 0128LONDON20:45MLMBAI10:05
07-Jul-20Al 0128MUMBAI11:30BENGALURU13:30
06-Jul-20Al 0112LONDON21:30DELHI10:50
07-Jul-20Al 0112DELHI12:20AMRITSAR13:20
07-Jul-20Al 0128LONDON20:45MUMBAI10:05
08-Jul-20Al 0128MUMBAI11:30AHMEDABAD13:00
07-Jul-20Al 0112LONDON21:30DELHI10:50
08-Jul-20Al 0112DELHI12:20BHUBANESWAR14:20
08-Jul-20Al 0112BHUBANESWAR15:20KOLKATA16:20
08-Jul-20Al 0112LONDON21:30DELHI10:50
09-Jul-20Al 0112DELHI12:20BENGALURU15:05
08-Jul-20Al 0128LONDON20:45MUMBAI10:05
09-Jul-20Al 0128MUMBAI11:30BENGALURU13:30
10-Jul-20Al 0128MUMBAI11:30CHENNAI13:30
09-Jul-20Al 0112LONDON21:30DELHI10:50
10-Jul-20Al 0128LONDON20:45MUMBAI10:05
11-Jul-20Al 0128MUMBAI11:30KOCHI13:30
11-Jul-20Al 0128LONDON20:45MUMBAI10:05
12-Jul-20Al 0128MUMBAI11:30BENGALURU13:30
11-Jul-20Al 0112LONDON21:30DELHI10:50
12-Jul-20Al 0112DELHI12:20HYDERABAD14:20
12-Jul-20Al 0128LONDON20MJMBAI10:05
13-Jul-20Al 0128MUMBAI11.3CHENNAI13:30
13-Jul-20Al 0128LONDON20:45MUMBAI10:05
14-Jul-20Al 0128MUMBAI11:30BENGALURU13:30
14-Jul-20Al 0128LONDON20:45MUMBAI10:05
15-Jul-20Al 0128MUMBAI11:30GOA13:00
Air India Flights To London
DateFlightFromDep. TimeToArr. Time
03-Jul-20Al 0129MUMBAI14:00LONDON19:00
04-Jul-20Al 0111DELHI14:00LONDON19:00
05-Jul-20Al 0111DELHI14:00LONDON19:00
05-Jul-20Al 0129MUMBAI14:00LONDON19:00
06-Jul-20Al 0111DELHI14:00LONDON19:00
06-Jul-20Al 0129MUMBAI14:00LONDON19:00
07-Jul-20AI 0111DELHI14:00LONDON19:00
07-Jul-20Al 0129MUMBAI14:00LONDON19:00
08-Jul-20Al 0111DELHI14:00LONDON19:00
08-Jul-20Al 0129MUMBAI14:00LONDON19:00
09-Jul-20Al 0111DELHI14:00LONDON19:00
09-Jul-20Al 0129MUMBAI14:00LONDON19:00
10-Jul-20Al 0111DELHI14:00LONDON19:00
10-Jul-20Al 0129MUMBAI14:00LONDON19:00
11-Jul-20Al 0111DELHI14:00LONDON19:00
11-Jul-20AI 0129MUMBAI14:00LONDON19:00
12-Jul-20Al 0129MUMBAI14:00LONDON19:00
13-Jul-20AI 0129MUMBAI14:00LONDON19:00
14-Jul-20Al 0129MUMBAI14:00LONDON19:00

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Please Note:

  • All Domestic Flights mentioned in schedule below are meant for International connecting passengers departing and arriving on the Air India Evacuation flights.
  • These flights are NOT meant for any Domestic passengers.
  • Given the extraordinary situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the schedules are subject to change at short notice.

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