Air France Launched Self Bag Drop (SBD) Facility From Bengaluru


On 1st April, Air France launched the Self Bag Drop (SBD) facility for flight operations from Bengaluru.

This facility is provided by Bengaluru International airport. SBD is an innovative self-service bag-drop solution that enables airports to automate their conventional check-in process.

Bengaluru International Airport is the first in India to introduce a large deployment of fully automated self-bag-drop units and Air France is the first international airline operating from India to offer this facility to its customers!

The Self Bag Drop employs a two-step approach. A passenger will first print a boarding pass and a bag tag at a self-check-in kiosk. Once tagged, the passenger will go to the bag drop machine, scan the boarding pass to initiate the bag drop process.


The bag will be measured, weighed, scanned, and automatically fed into the baggage handling system. In case of excess baggage, the passenger will be directed to complete the payment. Passengers need not wait in a long queue anymore, less than 60 seconds! This will be the time taken to complete the baggage check-in.

With this development, Air France together with Bengaluru International Airport is leading the way forward using technology to automate the conventional check-in process and improve the customer experience at the airport.

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