Air Canada Temporarily Suspends Flight Between Vancouver And Delhi Effective June 02


Air Canada, the flag carrier and the largest airline in Canada in a trade circular said that it has temporarily suspended all the direct flights between Vancouver and Delhi due to multiple factors and made the route temporarily ‘unviable’ starting Wednesday, 06th April 2022.

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Temporary Flight Suspension – Between Vancouver and Delhi

Air Canada in a press release said, Effective April 06, flights between Vancouver and Delhi will be temporarily suspended from June 2 to September 6 (June 4 to September 8 from Delhi to Vancouver).

Because of the existing flight paths used to avoid Russian and Ukrainian airspace, the route is operationally constrained due to extended flying times and a needed refuelling stop.

Furthermore, summer wind and weather conditions in South Asia are projected to exacerbate these limits, rendering the route unviable during this period.


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Here is what you need to know:

  • Affected travellers will be protected on alternate flights to final destinations without additional fees.
  • Travel Agents/Companies will receive schedule change notifications via your agency’s GDS queues.
  • Travel Agents must reissue their clients’ tickets for flight numbers and/or date changes and enter DUE SKCH in the endorsement box of the tickets. Please refer to our Schedule Change Policy for complete details.
  • As a reminder, kindly action schedule change notices within 14 days of the schedule change notification, or 7 business days prior to departure, whichever is earlier.

Air Canada continues to operate up to 11 weekly flights

Air Canada further stated that during the specified time period, it will continue to operate up to 11 weekly flights between Canada and India from its gateways in Toronto (daily) and Montreal (up to four times weekly), as these routes use alternative flight paths.

We remain dedicated to the Indian market and will resume nonstop flights from Vancouver to Delhi on September 6 and September 8, respectively.

Air Canada also said that it will continue to closely monitor world events and may reintroduce the Vancouver-Delhi route early if conditions allow.


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