Air Canada Extends Suspension of Flights From India Until June 22


In a bid to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Air Canada has extended the suspension of flight from India till June 22. However, the federal government has not yet announced the same.

Air Canada spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick in a statement said, “We have further extended the suspension of our flights from India until 22nd June 2021.”

“We did this in anticipation of the existing suspension on flights between the two countries being extended,” he further added.

It must be noted that Air Canada on 22nd April announced the suspension of all flights from India and Pakistan for 30 days.


Before the suspension, both Air Canada and Air India were operating almost daily flights between the Canadian cities of Toronto and Vancouver, and New Delhi under the air bubble arrangement that came into place last summer.

Now, the Ministry of Transportation said in a statement that they are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in India and Pakistan and will determine the next steps based on “evidence and advice of public health experts.” However, the Ministry did not confirm whether the federal government will extend its ban.

“Any recent decisions announced by Air Canada are operational and made on their own accord,” said Ministry of Transportation spokesperson Allison St. Jean.

It is worth mentioning that Air Canada has agreed to offer refunds to passengers who had their travel plans canceled because of the flight suspension.


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