Air Austral Announces Flights Between Reunion Island And Chennai From May 06


After several months of suspended activity due to the Covid-19 health crisis, Air Austral will resume gradually its flights to Chennai as of May 2022 with the approval of its regulatory authorities, the French Civil Aviation Authority, and Indian authorities.

Starting 6 May 2022, Air Austral will be offering its passengers two weekly flights each Tuesday and Friday between Reunion Island And Chennai.

These flights will be operated by Airbus A220-300, Air Austral’s brand new aircraft. This latest-generation, modern, and more comfortable aircraft were added to the Airline’s fleet on 12 August 2021 as part of its full medium-haul fleet overhaul.

The flights are already open for reservation at Air Austral Sales Counters or via its website: In reopening this route, Air Austral is gradually resuming normal operations for its regional service.


Air Austral flight schedule update for the current period Regional flight schedule:

  • Reunion Island – Mayotte: A minimum of 1 flight per day, up to 9 weekly flights
  • Reunion Island – Mauritius: A minimum of 1 flight per day, up to 4 daily flights
  • Reunion Island – Madagascar: Air Austral is now authorized to operate 4 weekly flights between Reunion and Tananarive. The days of operations and times of the two additional flights are currently awaiting approval by Malagasy civil aviation.
  • Reunion Island – Johannesburg: up to 3 flights operated every week.
  • Reunion Island – Seychelles: up to two weekly flights, every Sunday and Thursday Reunion Island – Moroni (Comoros): up to two weekly flights.

Long-haul schedules are extended during the high season

Air Austral will also be stepping up its long-haul flight schedule between Reunion Island and Paris, and Mayotte and Paris, during the high season by adding extra capacity during the school holidays.

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