AI Express Offers Free Date Change For UAE Passengers: Details Here


Air India Express on Wednesday in a social media post said that it allows a free date change to UAE passengers who cannot travel due to non-receipt of API approval.

Passengers can change the date to the next available flight. They only need to pay the difference of fare, if any.

“In the event, a passenger who is required to have the API approval for travel and has not received it and thereby is unable to travel, the passenger will be offered a free date change in the next available flight. Fare difference, if any, may be applicable. Air India Express said on its website.

The immigration authorities of many countries require all airlines to provide passenger passport information prior to departure of any inbound or outbound flights to ensure safety and security.

Passengers traveling to the UAE from certain countries will need to provide Advance Passenger Information.

This API (Advance Passenger Information) Includes:

  • Full name
  • Passport number, issuing country, and expiration date
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality

(Additional information requirements can be vary by country)


So if you booked your are traveling to UAE by Air India Express and do not received API approval, then you can get a free date change.

To avail the free date change facility, eligible passengers can contact Air India Express through their call center or city office for the date change. In case of bookings through travel agents they need to contact the travel agent for the date change.

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