Aeroflot To Suspend All International Flights From March 8


Aeroflot, the flag carrier of Russia, said on Saturday that it will suspend all international flights from Tuesday, 08th March 2022 (00:00 Moscow time) due to additional circumstances that prevent the performance of flights.

According to the airline, the temporary suspension of international flights will also apply to international destinations scheduled by its subsidiaries Rossiya and Avrora airlines (flights in the SU5400-5799 and SU5950-6999 range)

Starting 06th March 2022, the airline will not board passengers on international flights with roundtrip tickets who have a return flight planned after 08th March 2022. However, Passengers with one-way tickets departing from Russia will be permitted to fly until all international flights are halted.

It must be noted that Aeroflot will continue to operate domestic flights to Minsk, Belarus.


Also, S7 Airlines announced on Friday that it will be forced to cancel all overseas flights beginning March 5.

Vladimir Putin meets Aeroflot employees

The decision comes after, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s meeting with Aeroflot employees at the company’s headquarters. The meeting was is being carried live on Russian television.

This decision was explained by “reducing the risk of inability to use return flights to Russia” for airline clients. Passengers of canceled flights will be able to get a full refund.

Russian aviation regulator advised to suspend flights!

Earlier on Saturday, it was revealed that the Russian aviation regulator, Rosaviatsia, had advised that Russian airlines halt all international flights beginning March 6 due to a large number of aircraft being detained on foreign soil. The recommendation applies to carriers whose aircraft are registered in other countries as part of leasing arrangements with foreign entities.


The suspension effectively means that Russian airlines will no longer be able to fly foreign-made aircraft on international routes.

It is also likely to become harder for Russian airlines to use foreign-made aircraft inside the country because companies such as Boeing and Airbus have suspended parts, maintenance, and technical support services after the invasion.


As a result of the suspension, Russian airlines will no longer be allowed to fly foreign-made aircraft on international routes. It is also possible that Russian airlines will find it more difficult to use foreign-made aircraft within the country, as manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus have discontinued parts, maintenance, and technical support services following the invasion.

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