Advisory for UAE Visitors: Book Return Flights with the Same Airline

Visit visa holders flying from India to the UAE are being urged to book roundtrip tickets with the same airline to avoid boarding complications. Travel agents report stricter checks at Dubai airports, advising travelers to adhere to all entry requirements.

Travellers from India holding visit visas for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are advised to book their roundtrip tickets with the same airline, according to travel agents. This recommendation comes after reports of passengers being denied boarding due to having onward and return flights booked on different airlines.

New Boarding Requirement?

While the exact nature of this policy remains unclear, travel agents cite advisories from some airlines stating that if your inbound flight to the UAE is with them, your return flight should also be. Non-compliance with this potential requirement could result in denied boarding.

Airline Booking Requirements

Reports indicate that some travellers have been denied boarding due to booking their return flights with different airlines. Travel agents highlight that airlines have issued advisories stating that passengers must book both legs of their journey with the same carrier to avoid complications.

“Advisories from some airlines state that if the journey to the UAE is booked with them, the journey to India must also be booked with the same airline,” a travel agent noted. “Failure to comply with this new requirement may result in passengers being denied boarding.”


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Travel Agents’ Experiences

Travel agents shared instances where clients faced issues because their tickets to Dubai and back were booked on different airlines. “I am now advising my clients that it would be better to book both legs of the journey on the same carrier,” one agent said.

Other agents confirmed receiving similar advisories, primarily in their Indian offices. “It is advisable to book on the same carrier to avoid unnecessary complications,” another agent remarked.

Increased Airport Checks

The advisories coincide with stricter checks reportedly introduced at Dubai airports. Travel agents reported that some passengers were sent back to India for not meeting certain requirements.


“We have seen cases of up to 40 passengers being returned on the same flight,” a travel agent stated.

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Essential Travel Requirements

Travellers to the UAE must adhere to several requirements to ensure smooth entry. These include:

1. Carry Sufficient Funds: Ensure you have at least Dh3,000 (approx. USD 817) in cash or on a credit card.


2. Valid Proof of Accommodation: Provide a confirmed hotel booking or a letter from a host in the UAE with a copy of their Emirates ID.

3. Confirmed Roundtrip Ticket: Book both your inbound and outbound flights with the same airline (advisable to avoid potential boarding issues).

It is worth noting here that Failure to meet these conditions can result in travellers being sent back to their home country.

Travel Hassle-Free

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a smoother travel experience to the UAE. Remember, a confirmed return ticket demonstrates compliance with visit visa regulations and prevents any unnecessary delays or denials at immigration.


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