Adani Group Takes Over Jaipur International Airport From Today


The Adani Group has now taken over the operations of the Jaipur International Airport starting from today (11th Oct 2021).

Last year, the Union Cabinet approved the leasing of the three state airports including Jaipur, Guwahati, and Thiruvananthapuram as part of a public-private partnership, and the Adani Group was the highest bidder for the three airports.

After the approval comes the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has signed the letter of consent with the Adani Group for all three airports.

“Khamma Ghani, We are pleased to announce that Jaipur International Airport is now a #GatewayToGoodness. We are privileged to serve and welcome you to one of India’s best Airports in the city of kings, palaces, and rich history,” Jaipur International Airport Twitted.


It must be noted that the officials from the Adani Group had been observing operations at the Jaipur International Airport for the last two months.

The infrastructure developed in the last five years does not leave much for the private operator to do though officials claimed that in the coming years, they could develop a third terminal.

A total of 167 employees of AAI will also be absorbed by Adani Group.

Adani Group Takes Over Jaipur International Airport
Jaipur Airport Director J S Balhara said;

“We are handing over the complete airport to M/S Adani Jaipur International Airport Ltd in very good shape with the latest world-class infrastructure. Presently, this airport has sufficient capacity but I believe in 4 to 5 years down the line they may need to develop Terminal 3 depending on the market situation. ATC & CNS services will still be provided by AAI.”

There could be provisions for restricted and time-bound entry of vehicles at the porch of the airport.

There is a provision for developing terminal-3 by the group within the existing area of the airport.

Authorities expect things to be a little expensive at the airport with the development of infrastructural facilities.


Except for Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Communication, Navigation & Surveillance (CNS), everything would be operated by the Adani Group.

As per the tender conditions, the group will have to pay ₹174 for each passenger’s departure and arrival for domestic operations and ₹348 for every passenger traveling from and to international destinations once the firm takes over next year.

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