Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah among world’s 10 safest cities for 2021


In the survey that was carried out as part of a quality of life index by the global data website Numbeo, the UAE’s three biggest cities have topped a safety index of more than 250 urban areas.

Abu Dhabi took pole position, with Sharjah coming sixth and Dubai, seventh.

Doha and Muscat also made the top 10, along with Taipei, Quebec City, Zurich, Munich and Cluj-Napoca in Romania.

However, Abu Dhabi regularly tops the list of safest cities in the world; although it briefly slipped to third six months ago, after topping the list since 2016.


Safety is calculated on the results of surveys completed by the public on the Numbeo website, and also takes into account the level of crime in the city.

In addition to safety, the survey also takes into account the purchasing power of the city’s residents, pollution, the house price to income ratio and the cost of living.

The quality of health care, the time it takes to get to work and the climate are also part of the formula.

Cities require moderate temperatures and low humidity in order to be in the upper ranks of pleasant places to live.


Abu Dhabi has a safety index of 88.46 out of 100, meaning its residents feel very secure indeed.

Sharjah’s ranking is 83.59 and Dubai’s is 83.44.

The crowdsourcing website uses several statistics to measure which city residents have the best quality of life.

This year’s overall winner was Adelaide in Australia.


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