Abu Dhabi Announced New Rules To Enter From Within The UAE


Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis, and Disasters Committee has updated the procedure to enter the emirate from within the UAE by requiring a green pass for vaccinated individuals and a negative PCR test result for those who are not vaccinated.

These new rules come amid the rising cases of Covid-19 across the UAE, the new procedure has come into effect starting from today, 30th December 2021.

It is worth mentioning here that the Covid-19 cases in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is now at the highest levels in the last six month.

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New Procedure For Entering Abu Dhabi

As per the announcement made by Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee, the new rules for entering Abu Dhabi are:

  • To enter the Emirate from within the UAE, all vaccinated travelers must show a Green Pass status on Alhosn App.
  • The Green Pass status on the Alhosn App is active for 14 days if you are fully vaccinated and have a negative PCR test result.
  • Travelers who are unvaccinated or are exempted from the COVID-19 vaccination are required to present a negative PCR test result received within 96 hours.

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EDE Scanners To Detect Potential Covid-19 Cases

Moreover, starting from Thursday, 30 December 2021, Abu Dhabi will use EDE scanners to rapidly detect potential Covid-19 cases, the new entry requirements are in line with efforts to continue enhancing precautionary measures to protect public health.

How EDE Scanners Works?

EDE scanners detect possible infections by measuring electromagnetic waves that change when the RNA (Ribonucleic acid) particles of the virus are present in the person’s body.


The scanners were developed by advanced technology to rapidly detect potential COVID-19 cases without storing personal information.

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