AAIB Releases Final Report On Air India Express Plane Crash In Kozhikode: Here Is What Caused The Accident


The Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) on Saturday released a 257-page final report on the crash of Air India Express’s B737-800 aircraft that happened last year on August 7 at the Kozhikode airport in Kerala.

The report stating that the probable cause of the accident was non-adherence to the standard operating procedure (SOPs) by the pilot flying the aircraft. However, the role of systemic failures as a contributory factor cannot be overlooked. 

The report comes a year after the plane crash at Kozhikode airport that killed 20 people and injured several others.

Air India Express Kozhikode Plane Crash Report

  • The report said that the pilot continued unstabilised approach and landed beyond the touchdown zone.
  • The contributory factor included the systemic failures within the aviation sector.
  • The major contributory factor in the crash was the poor CRM (crew resource management), the report noted.
  • Also, the unavailability of a sufficient number of captains at Kozhikode was a result of the faulty HR policy.
  • Air India Express policies of upper-level management have led to deficiencies at various levels, the report added.
  • Non-availability of OPT (on-board performance tool) made it hard for pilots to quickly calculate landing data.
  • Tower met officer was not available in ATC tower at the time of accident.

The crash of Air India Express’s B737-800 aircraft happened on August 7 at the Kozhikode airport in Kerala. The plane coming from Dubai had overshot the runway at Kozhikode airport and later broke into pieces.


There were 190 people on board the ill-fated aircraft and at least 20 people, including the two pilots, were killed and several others were injured.

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