7 Indian Cities in the list of Top 100 City Destinations in 2019


India has become one among the strongest rising destinations in Asia, because of its “strong cultural resources, diversity of experiences and worth competitiveness”, a report by UK-based international marketing research company Euromonitor International states.

Seven Indian cities, including the capital Delhi, have made it to the top 100 city Destinations ranking this year. Even more considerably, all seven cities have improved their ranking throughout the year.

Indian Cities in top 100 City Destinations in 2019

  • 11th – Delhi
  • 14th – Mumbai
  • 26th – Agra
  • 34th – Jaipur
  • 36th – Chennai
  • 74th – Kolkata
  • 100th – Bengaluru

Despite months of political unrest, Hong Kong maintains its number one spot on the list. other popular city vacation spots include Bangkok, London, Macau, and Singapore. new york town is the most popular American destination on the list, expected to fall down the eleventh spot from its current ranking at number eight.

Delhi is expected to become the eighth-most well-liked city with international visitors in 2019, as per the report. The capital of India presently ranks at the eleventh position on the list of world’s most popular city destinations.


“Delhi presently ranks eleventh and is forecast to extend its ranking up to eighth place in 2019,” the report states. “It is witnessing speedy development in its tourism infrastructure, having a world-class airport and is that specialize in luxury, medical, sports, and cultural tourism.”

The financial capital of India, Mumbai, has also made it to the list of the world’s most popular city destinations. it’s presently at number 14 on the list and is anticipated to move up a place in 2019. The capital of Maharashtra will welcome 12 million tourists by the time the year is out.

Agra, the town of the Taj Mahal, holds the 26th spot on the list. the city saw eight million tourists in 2018 and is forecast to boost its ranking by eight spots in 2019.

After Agra, future Indian town on the list is Chennai. “Cities like Chennai and Bangalore averaged a rate of growth around 25th,” states Euromonitor’s report. The capital of Tamil Nadu, currently at the 36th position, is probably going to move up to the 31st spot in 2019.


‘Pink city’ Jaipur is foreseen to take the 34th position on the list of world’s most popular city destinations in 2019, whereas Kolkata, presently at number 76, is forecast to move up to the 74th spot on the list.

Bengaluru created it to the highest 100 city Destination ranking for the very first time at position one hundred.

According to the report, Asia continues to be the leading region, with 43 cities in the top 100 city Destination ranking.

The 2019 rankings were calculated using estimates based on part-year arrivals information, which means that the rankings may still change. Euromonitor International’s research covers “arrivals” in over 400 cities for visitors who keep longer than 24 hours and less than one year.

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