6 Reasons Why Outdoor Adventures and Camping are the Best


There are two types of people in the world when vacations are in question – those who prefer 7-star hotels and lots of luxury and those who love nature and outdoor adventures. If you’re more of the first type, you might consider reading this article and learning more about why the great outdoors might be a better option.

There’s no denying that hotels offer a lot of comfort and hospitality, but they’ll never provide what the great outdoors will. It’s hard to compare both, but we will create a list of things that show why outdoor adventures and camping are the best options when it comes to vacationing. Read on and see more on this subject.

1. Chance to become one with nature

When you ditch the comfort of the hotels and decide to camp in the mountains, you’re getting the chance to return to the roots and become one with nature. Ancient humans only knew this reality – they’d be spending all their time in nature, sleeping in personally crafted shelters and eating what plants around them had to offer.

It’s interesting how they were happier than modern humans. There’s something about nature that makes us feel complete. When you go into the great outdoors, camp outside, and enjoy the benefits of nature, you feel like one with nature. After spending a day or two outside, you return home with your batteries recharged. You become ready for new challenges.


2. Fresh air benefits your health

Aside from the mental aspect of going to nature that we just discussed, there’s the health problem people often forget about when living in big cities. Everyone lives at an extremely fast pace. This means walking, biking, using public transport, or a personal vehicle to get to work, which leads to breathing poor air quality.

Spending a few days in nature means breathing oxygen-rich air, much different from the one in the city. You fill your lungs with lots of oxygen and revamp your cardiovascular system. The quality of the air you intake will stay inside your body for several weeks, so it’s essential to go camping again at least once a month.

3. Outdoors offer an adventure rather than a vacation

Another thing we must address when discussing this subject is that camping is an adventure rather than a vacation. Some people prefer spending a few days on the beach doing nothing except drinking cocktails and sunbathing, but others want to fill their days with fun activities.

Camping and spending time in the wilderness provide an adventure. When you go on a simple hiking trip, you see so many new views, enjoy fantastic sunsets or sunrises, and see various animals, bugs, plants, and other things.


Many people have UTEs equipped with a perfectly designed checker plate storage box that they fill with supplies and spend days tackling obstacles on carefully crafted off-road tracks. They love the challenge and the adventure. Overcoming obstacles is a feeling that no golden door handle and room service can meet.

4. It is many times more affordable than hotel resorts

Comparing gets us to places some people don’t think about, but others find it essential. The question – of how much it will cost – is often a priority. Camping is many times more affordable than hotels. Spending time in nature is generally free while sleeping in a hotel room is at least $100 per night.

Of course, the equipment, the camping site, and many other things are often charged, but they can rarely be higher than the cheapest mountain resorts. Hotels charge just for sleeping in their rooms while buying a tent once means you can use it whenever you want.

5. A perfect chance for new friendships and bonding

People who love nature and outdoor adventures are a special bread. They love laughing, communicating, having fun, and telling jokes. They are people who enjoy life and love spending it with their friends.


In other words, when planning a camping trip, you’re surely doing it with people who love the same things. Even if you’re alone and you decide to go hiking or trekking with a group in which you know no one, you’ll surely meet new friends that often last for a lifetime.

6. There are no rules in nature

How many times were you too loud, and someone from the hotel came to warn you about keeping the music down or mind your behaviour? There’s no such thing in nature. You can be as loud as you want, there are probably no people for miles around you, and you can do whatever you feel like.

This is something that only nature provides. When sharing an object with others, you must mind what you’re doing, but setting a tent in the middle of nowhere means you can host a rave party with loudspeakers and enjoy the night without anyone coming to shut it down.

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