59 Countries Where Indian Passport Holders Can Travel Visa-Free


As you may be aware, after a two-year gap, India officially lifted the ban on scheduled international flights on March 27, at 00:00 hours, allowing Indian carriers to operate 1,466 flights per week to 43 destinations in 27 countries, while international airlines are permitted to operate 1,783 flights per week under the summer schedule 2022.

After the Indian skies were compactly opened and many countries started to relax travel restrictions, more people began to seek out foreign travel, which had previously been difficult due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

To make your international travel plans easier, we’ve put up a list of 59 countries that offer visa-free* travel to Indian passport holders in 2022.

Indian Passport

Visa-Free Destinations For Indian Passport Holders 2022

The list is based on the Henley Passport Index’s 2022 Q2 report, which is based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the world’s largest and most accurate travel database.


The destinations in the list below are divided into two different categories; Visa-free and Visa On Arrival.

1. Visa-Free: Visa-free travel relates to the capacity to visit a country without obtaining a visa. This is only possible if the two nations in question have an agreement on the same, or if the country being visited has unilaterally opened its borders to foreign nationals.

2. Visa On Arrival (VOA): These, often known as on-arrival visas, are issued to travellers at the port of entry. The entire visa application and issuance process is initiated and completed by government officials at the port of entry.

Here is the full list of Visa-free access destinations for Indian passport holders; The list includes 33 destination which has Visa On Arrival (VOA) facility for Indian passport holders.


India Visa-Free Destinations

S. No.CountryTypeRegion
4Bolivia Visa On ArrivalAmericas
5Botswana Visa On ArrivalAfrica
6British Virgin IslandsVisa-FreeCaribbean
7Cambodia Visa On ArrivalAsia
8Cape Verde Islands Visa On ArrivalAfrica
9Comoro Islands Visa On ArrivalAfrica
10Cook IslandsVisa-FreeOceania
12El SalvadorVisa-FreeAmericas
13Ethiopia Visa On ArrivalAfrica
15Gabon Visa On ArrivalAfrica
17Guinea-Bissau Visa On ArrivalAfrica
20Iran Visa On ArrivalMiddle East
22Jordan Visa On ArrivalMiddle East
23Laos Visa On ArrivalAsia
24Macao (SAR China)Visa-FreeAsia
25Madagascar Visa On ArrivalAfrica
26Maldives Visa On ArrivalAsia
27Marshall Islands Visa On ArrivalOceania
28Mauritania Visa On ArrivalAfrica
32Mozambique Visa On ArrivalAfrica
33Myanmar Visa On ArrivalAsia
36OmanVisa-FreeMiddle East
37Palau Islands Visa On ArrivalOceania
38QatarVisa-FreeMiddle East
39Rwanda Visa On ArrivalAfrica
40Samoa Visa On ArrivalOceania
43Seychelles Visa On ArrivalAfrica
44Sierra Leone Visa On ArrivalAfrica
45Somalia Visa On ArrivalAfrica
46Sri Lanka Visa On ArrivalAsia
47St. Kitts and NevisVisa-FreeCaribbean
48St. Lucia Visa On ArrivalCaribbean
49St. Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa-FreeCaribbean
50Tanzania Visa On ArrivalAfrica
51Thailand Visa On ArrivalAsia
52Timor-Leste Visa On ArrivalAsia
53Togo Visa On ArrivalAfrica
54Trinidad and TobagoVisa-FreeCaribbean
56Tuvalu Visa On ArrivalOceania
57Uganda Visa On ArrivalAfrica
59Zimbabwe Visa On ArrivalAfrica

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