5 Visa-free countries for Indian Citizens to Celebrate New Year 2021

Visa-free countries would be one among the top priorities for travellers as it lessens the hassle associated with planning a trip.

One of the best ways to take your mind over the grim reality of the Coronavirus pandemic is to take some time off and plan for the future. A joyful plan would be to jot down the best places you could travel to once the pandemic is under control. 

All the time scooped up inside our homes would have led us to miss going out and having vacations. So why not plan ahead for the upcoming New Year’s Eve and dream up the right destination to jettison off to?

Visa-free countries would be one among the top priorities for travellers as it lessens the hassle associated with planning a trip. So here are few visa free countries for India that you can travel to, to celebrate 2021.


What better way to kick start your new year than lounging in the silky smooth sands of Thailand’s exotic beaches, sipping on a cocktail? Thailand has come up as one of the most visited and most loved destinations by Indians. Besides the beaches, Thailand offers cultural and adventurous experiences for all types of travellers. The jungles of Thailand and the rich Buddhist culture of Thailand is as equally famous as their beaches.



If there is one other country who could give Thailand a run for their money, it would be the Maldives. The turquoise blue beaches and white sands over which thatched huts stand is a welcoming sight for every traveller. The Maldives would be the best tropical paradise to relax and wind-down. It would surely be the ideal place to cool off your mind from the pandemic anxieties.

Sri Lanka

The next-door neighbour of India, Sri Lanka, is a charming and intriguing place to visit. The country is endowed with rich cultural heritage, lush interiors and exquisite beach sides. Sri Lanka has something to offer for every type of traveller. Pack your bags and find yourself bobbing through the scenic Sri Lankan landscape this New Years.

Hong Kong

If you just want to vent all your frustration of staying put, by splurging your money in shopping, head over to Hong Kong this New Year. The city synonymous with towering skyscrapers, bustling markets and quaint temples, Hong Kong is every shopper’s paradise. It is also the best place to visit with your kids as you can pop into Hong Kong’s Disneyland.


If you just want to move away from all the hustle and bustle of cities and flocking tourists and want to hide out in the middle of mother nature, Bhutan should be your first pick. The country known as the last Shangri-La is a slow-paced world where you will find yourself slowing down and stopping to appreciate the little things in life. Trek through the wondrous hills and visit the many monasteries that dot the landscape here, primarily the Tiger’s Nest.


Things to keep in mind while travelling post COVID-19

The way we travel would be drastically different post-COVID-19. Here is how you can travel responsibly, sustainably and with caution.

1. Opt for travel insurance – Healthcare must be the primary thing that you must guard while travelling after the Coronavirus season. Opting for an overseas travel insurance is the best option in ensuring that you will be covered for medical emergencies.

2. Carry hand-sanitizers, masks and hand wash products – Always have a handy hand-sanitizer and hand-wash products everywhere you go. Wearing a mask would also be a good precaution at least until we are completely sure it’s safe otherwise.

3. Always carry around a bottle of water and nasal sprays – Keep yourself hydrated. It will also be good to carry a nasal spray with you so that your mucous membranes do not dry out. If mucous membranes dry, it makes your nose and mouth, less effective in blocking out viruses.


4. Choose safe accommodation options – Do thorough research on the accommodation facilities you would be opting for. Make sure they have good cleanliness record. Choose well-known hotels and brands to be on the safe side.

5. Have a health certificate in handy – Most countries and states would be sceptical about foreign travellers out of the fear of spreading viruses. It is best to have an authorised health certificate with you, which you can provide if prompted for. This could even become the norm after the COVID season.

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