5 Instagram Marketing Tips For The Travel Industry


Are you associated with travel and tourism? Instagram is the best platform to promote your products and services. People use this social site to discover more about exotic places from all across the globe. In fact, it is one of the most popular social channels among people of all ages.

This visual medium lets you connect with your existing and potential clients by showcasing exotic locales, luxury hotels, scenic attractions, markets, and more through its various formats and features. Thus, you can leverage the power of Instagram to market your brand and get yourself noticed among your target audience.

If you are looking for better ways to endorse your tour and travel business, here are some trending marketing tips for Instagram that will help you expand your business and gain an upper hand over your competitors. 

1. Create quality content feed:

In promoting the tour and travel industry, visual content plays a very powerful role. The videos and photos you upload on your Instagram feed recommend your brand and help convert your visitors into customers. Therefore, it is incredibly essential for you to adjust your content optimally and refine them to the level of perfection with a proficient video editing tool like InVideo. 


Since there is no scarcity of travel-related visual content on social channels, be sure to post inspiring and authentic images captured by professional photographers. Here the trick is to create a well-curated feed and outstanding content that can help draw your audience’s attention and compel them to pack their bags, and book tickets. 

2. Create a social media calendar:

In the tour and travel industry, focusing on a certain type of content at a certain time of the year is the key to achieve your marketing goals. For instance, as a smart and successful travel brand, you should focus on beach destinations during summer, breaks in spring and autumn, and mountains and deserts during winter. By creating a social media calendar, you can take note of every festival, event, holiday, etc. which will further help you create relevant content at the right time and engage with your targeted audience. 

While creating a social media calendar, don’t miss to be consistent on Instagram as being consistent is the key to gain ground on Instagram. Most of your competitors post a few times a day regularly. Of course, you will not want to fall behind. Along with being consistent, always keep in mind to be diverse. Don’t post irrelevant or random content just for the sake of being consistent. Instead, take some time to research, plan, and build a concept behind your channel while creating a content calendar. Even pretty images of seascapes, beaches, and mountains seem boring after a while. So, remember to create diverse content with motivational quotes that may reflect your values and brand identity. Also, don’t forget to monitor and measure your content performance by using a social media analytics tool. 

3. Collaborate with social media influencers:

Marketing through social media influencers can act as a miracle for your travel business. Since influencers are capable enough to make an impression on the choices related to people’s lifestyle, they will help drive traffic and generate engagements. Be it a hotel, a destination, an experience, or any such thing that you want to market, influencer marketing is for all. 


Influencers have huge fan bases and thus can help you connect with people, earn likes, get the word out, and generate a viral effect. You can count on influencers to give power-pact content and send out your message to your target audience through Instagram posts, Live sessions, Reels, and Story takeovers. Therefore, you must leverage the power of influencer marketing to market your brand effectively.

4. Use relevant hashtags:

Another great way to market your brand and get notified across your target audience is to create relevant #hashtags for your company. These hashtags can be anything like your company name, your offerings, your experiences, your punchline, and so on. You can use these hashtags in the giveaways, events you host, profile description, and the news feed. Some of the most popular hashtags for the travel business include #travelgram, #traveltheworld, #travelphotography, #travelvideo, etc.

5. Run a virtual tour through IGTV:

Unlike the brevity of Stories and Reels, IGTV is a long term video format that helps better connect with your audience and communicate your message across your followers in the process. Where Stories can last for 15 seconds and Reels for 30 seconds, IGTV videos can last for 60 seconds, offering an ample opportunity to promote your offerings, present more polished products, and market your brand.

Here the idea is to curate appropriate and engaging content, suitable for the longer and vertical video formats. For instance, you can create itinerary guides, tips for travel, travel experience videos, and videos on local food to connect with your target audience. Just invest an ample amount of time to create high quality and relevant IGTV videos, and the rewards will be huge.  


Key Takeaways:

  • Re-adjust your visual content to the level of perfection and build a well-chosen feed that looks remarkable.
  • Create high-quality videos to educate your audience about new locations, cuisine, hotels, and experiences. 
  • Take your audience on a virtual tour of new places with IGTV.
  • Partner with social media influencers to earn engagement, expand the reach, and drive traffic.
  • Create relevant hashtags to get notified. 
  • Create a social media calendar and keep tracking the performance of your content with an analytics tool.
  • Be consistent, but don’t post irrelevant and random content.
  • Focus on creating extensive, engaging content to aid travellers to learn more about unknown and interesting destinations.


Instagram is a great platform to get your travel business noticed across your target audience. The companies that follow the best marketing strategies and keep pace with the change are sure to succeed on this popular social media channel. It is all about leveraging the power of Instagram marketing to inspire those who scroll through Instagram, seeking a getaway.

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