27 September, World Tourism Day: All You Need To Know


World Tourism Day

Happy World Tourism Day!!!

Since 1980, September 27 is widely known as World Tourism day. The United Nations World Tourism Organization has celebrated World Tourism Day as international observances on September 27.

This date was chosen as on that day in 1970, the Statutes of the UNWTO were adopted.

The reason is to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value.


The event seeks to deal with international challenges outlined within the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to spotlight the contribution the tourism sector can make in reaching these goals.

It was at its third session (Torremolinos, Spain, September 1979), that the UNWTO General Assembly decided to establish World Tourism Day, starting in 1980.

This date was chosen to coincide with a very important milestone in world tourism: the anniversary of the adoption of the UNWTO Statutes on 27 September 1970.

The timing of World Tourism Day is particularly appropriate in that it comes at the end of the high season in the hemisphere and therefore the beginning of the season in the hemisphere when tourism is on the minds of millions of individuals worldwide.


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