Unveiling the 10 Best Passports of 2023, UAE Secures Top Spot

The 2023 passport index reveals the top-ranking passports worldwide, based on visa-free travel, taxation policies, dual citizenship opportunities, personal freedom, and perception. The UAE emerges as the leader, while the UK experiences a decline. Find out which countries made it to the top 10 and the factors that influenced their rankings.

In a recent index compiled by offshore consulting firm Nomad Capitalist, the best passports to hold in 2023 have been unveiled, shedding light on the global rankings of 199 countries.

The Nomad Passport Ranking Index evaluated countries not only on visa-free travel, but also on five major criteria, including visa-free travel chances, taxation laws, dual citizenship options, personal freedom, and perception.


UAE Claims the Coveted Top Spot

In a surprising turn of events, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as the leader in the 2023 passport index. This year marks the first time the UAE has entered the top 10, making an impressive leap from its 35th position in 2022.

The UAE’s ascent in the rankings can be attributed to recent changes that allow foreigners to apply for dual citizenship, combined with the unparalleled travel freedoms provided by a UAE passport, the business-friendly environment, and its enviable tax system.


The Gulf nation secured an overall score of 110.50, securing its place at the top.

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Top 10 Passports of 2023

Gone are the days when the number of visa-free destinations alone determined the strength of a passport. Today, aspiring global citizens seek more than just seamless border crossings; they crave wealth preservation, personal freedom, and the ability to thrive in an ever-changing world. The Nomad Passport Index addresses these pressing needs, offering a holistic assessment that goes beyond mere travel privileges.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking favourable tax jurisdictions, a global professional aiming to expand your horizons, or simply an individual yearning for greater personal freedom, the Nomad Passport Index is your ultimate guide.


Explore the rankings, delve into the intricacies of global citizenship, and embark on a journey toward unlocking the power of a world without borders.

1. United Arab Emirates

Nomad Passport Score: 110.50

The United Arab Emirates has joined the top ten for the first time this year, climbing from 35th to first place. This is partly due to recent amendments that allow foreigners to seek for dual citizenship, which, when paired with the travel freedoms given by a UAE passport, plus the country’s business-friendly environment, has resulted in a surge in demand.

2. Luxembourg

Nomad Passport Score: 108.00

Luxembourg fell to second place this year after two years at the top. This small but rich EU member state provides its residents with a high level of independence. It also has good passport perception. And, gratefully for the foreigners who live there, naturalisation as a citizen has recently become easier.

3. Switzerland

Nomad Passport Score: 108.00

Swiss citizens have an incredible amount of freedom and privacy. This year, Switzerland has risen from fifth to third place, making it one of only three non-EU countries to make the top ten. Meanwhile, the country’s well-known neutrality guarantees that Swiss citizens are among the most respected travellers in the world.


4. Ireland

Nomad Passport Score: 107.50

Ireland has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe, and its passport has one of the highest visa scores. Because of the country’s exceptional reputation, travelling as an Irish citizen is often trouble-free. While Ireland is not a member of the European Schengen Area, it is a member of the Common Travel Area (CTA), which means free travel to and work in the United Kingdom.

5. Portugal

Nomad Passport Score: 107.50

Portugal is an open and friendly country with one of the best passports in Europe. Portuguese citizens are also well welcomed around the world, with visa-free travel to places such as South Africa unavailable to other European Union citizens. Expats are particularly welcomed in Portugal, which has high levels of English fluency and a favourable tax exemption programme.

6. Germany

Nomad Passport Score: 107.00

Germany’s economy is high-tech and heavily industrialised, with a strong work ethic. Germany, often referred to as the “Engine of Europe,” is the EU’s largest economy and the world’s fourth-largest economy overall. It is also the most populous country in Europe.

As a result, German passports provide a high level of travel flexibility; nevertheless, the penalty comes in the form of greater taxes than many of its European counterparts; however, leaving the German tax system is rather simple.


7. Czech Republic

Nomad Passport Score: 107.00

The Czech Republic, which has remained in the top ten for four years in a row, is a popular expat destination with a rich culture. The country, which is located in the heart of Europe, joined the EU in 2004. As a result, Czech passport holders have a high level of travel flexibility. Furthermore, with suitable structuring in place, you might enjoy a significant degree of tax flexibility.


Nomad Passport Score: 106.50

New Zealand’s mild climate, easygoing temperament, and cinematic vistas help ensure the country remains as popular with expats as ever. Although the country instituted stringent lockdowns during the pandemic, citizens today generally enjoy a high level of personal freedom inside the country with an equal amount of travel freedom throughout the world.

9. Sweden

Nomad Passport Score: 106.00

Despite dropping from joint second to ninth place last year, Sweden has a seven-year stretch as a top ten passport. This is owing to the country’s great global reputation as well as the high level of personal and travel freedoms provided, albeit at the expense of exceptionally high taxation.

10. Finland

Nomad Passport Score: 106.00

Northern Europe has some of the best passports in the world, and Finland is no exception. Despite being ranked first only a few years ago, a Finnish passport still allows visa-free travel to a wide number of countries, but more stringent tax regulations for expats have eroded the country’s score.

7Czech Republic107.00
8New Zealand106.50


In conclusion, the 2023 passport index provides valuable insights into the best passports to hold based on various criteria. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken the top spot this year, thanks to its progressive changes in dual citizenship policies, extensive travel freedoms, business-friendly environment, and favourable tax system.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has experienced a decline in rankings due to the challenges posed by Brexit and the subsequent impact on international travel.

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