1 in every 3 flights from metro airports delayed in November: DGCA


One in every three domestic flights at the country’s four major metro airports which includes Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Chennai was delayed in November.

As per the recently released data by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The data indicates that the overall on-time performance (OTP) of airlines did not exceed more than 67.6% and Mumbai airport record the lowest OTP.

On-time performance of Indian Airlines as per the DGCA Data

  • GoAir – 67.6%
  • IndiGo – 66.2%
  • SpiceJet – 56.2%
  • Air Asia – 66.7%
  • Vistara – 67.4%
  • Air India – 42%

The DGCA releases monthly OTP data of only domestic flights operated by Indian carriers at metro airports.


Arun Kumar, Directorate General, DGCA, blamed weather conditions for the delay. “We witnessed poor weather due to smog,” he said.

However, he did not comment on whether DGCA had issued any directives to the airlines owing to poor OTP.

Sudhakara Reddy, president of Air Passengers Association of India, said, “A small part of the reason for poor OTP can be attributed to Mumbai’s unseasonal rains and Delhi’s fog. But one of the main reasons is that the airlines have been adding aircraft while crew size remains the same.”

A senior Delhi-based DGCA official pointed out that smog is not unusual in Delhi in November. “In the same month in 2018, the minimum OTP at four metro airports was a minimum of 64% and a maximum of 87%. Hence, weather cannot be blamed for the major amount of delays that directly cause inconvenience to passengers. The airlines need to work on finding the cause and solution for major flight delays,” he said.

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